That Moment when School is over, your off from work, and its the holidays!

Sometimes in life we get struck with things unexpectedly, and you know what we have to do? Just Dance. Dancing is good for the soul, sometimes when I’m home alone, I just bust out my moves and have a party with self. And guest what it’s the best thing in the world! School is over, work is out, and it’s the holidays. Even if things may not go as planned in your head, you are still standing, Dance! Have fun & be able to enjoy being you. Life is too short to be boring or even being comfortable. Who cares whose watching, who cares what they may say, BE YOU! So with that being said I’m dancing to one of my favorite songs of all times, “Doo Doo Brown” I know my moms and family may see this but guess, I’m me. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Years. TURN UP! In Loving Memory of My dearest Grandfather LC Andrews.

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