6 Ways to Spot F---Boy Tendencies?

How to spot F---Boy Tendencies?
Happy Valentines Day to all my beautiful people. I wanted to post something that would resonate to all my single beauties out there that may be sad, feeling lonely, or even want to sob up a nice big bowl of ice cream, DON’T. One day in one of my group messages with my sisters and friends, we went in on this dude that tried to play my sister, who is so tired and petty. WE WENT IN! DO YOU HEAR ME! If he ever had to stand in a room with us, I guarantee tears would be involved. 

After going in, we just started talking about F---boy tendencies and what we believe some of the top tendencies you can spot. I immediate wanted to write about this topic due to some of the old experiences I have dealt with in the past. You may say shut up Zak, you have a man. But even when you’re in a relationship, somewhere down the line you will realize, valentine’s day is just another day and love should be celebrated every day with your significant other (ugly truth). Even though I’m married, in every woman's lifetime we all have experienced some type of F-Boy, whether you want to admit it or not. 

There are numerous meanings to what an F---boy is from different stand points but according to Jacob Brogan, “What is the F--K Boy” an f--k boy is basically the worse kind of guy that someone can date. When you experience F-boy tendencies, there are no other 2 words a female can describe but we all are magically know who they are.

Here are 6 ways to spot F---boy tendencies.

Wishy washy meaning one minute they get you all excited about you guys relationship status, the next minute they act as if they don’t know you in public. As if you are a sideline chick who is 
bothering them, when they were the ones who may of had you thinking y'all were something.

Like got damn! If you don’t want to be bothered, please let me know! I can sit at the house and be perfectly fine but 9 times out of 10, they put their foot in their mouth and most likely double booked their female options and just so happened it wasn’t you (ugly truth). Trust me its messed but I’m getting somewhere.

Rule of thumb: if a man wants you, he will go above and beyond to show you he cares. If you get that guy that say they love you (yes they lie about loving you) and his actions speak otherwise, RUN! I mean as fast as you can because there understanding of what love is, is different from yours nor do they respect that word.

I don’t know how many times this has happened to me, but no, Zak was trying to be nice and give folks chances. Dudes will ring your line an entire day to ask you to do something for them and turn and around and block you the next day, when you have completed the task, SHAKING MY DAMN HEAD! 

Ok, this is probably one of my all time favorites of the tendencies. Have you ever had a dude just lie about any and everything? You could ask them the simplest question (most the time women already know the truth) we just want to see if you will still lie, and guess what, they still lie. People always say you can’t trust a b**** in kitten heels, well you can’t trust a man that will lie straight to your face.

When a man tries his best to depict every blemish on your face, every piece of fat on your body, or even examine insecurities you have shared with them, bless them and move on. You moving on and doing well for yourself eats them up inside. Yes, it may be hard but trust me, you will push through.

My advice to you ladies and gents, girls, and boys. Looking back on how my life turned out, was nothing I could ever dream of today. I thought I was going to move to the sun and back with my EX. But one thing was missing, our definition of what love is. We weren’t on the same page, I grew up, he grew back. And for months and years, I would cry my eyes out wondering, why Lord? Why? The whole time the Lord was looking at me saying, because. Because I have something better but you have to let go before I can send my gift.  

Boy, I tell you, sometimes letting go can be the hardest but best decision you could ever make. Trust me ladies, I know. You are looking at someone who got engaged within a year. So I leave you with this, when a man knows what he wants no matter age, size, or background, they will move mountains to show you that you are the one for them. 

I hoped you guys enjoy this post. I think this one of my favorite topics to discuss. Which tendencies did you agree with the most? Comment below. Happy Valentines Day!