How to Walk in your Purpose

Happy New Year to all my readers. 2019 was honestly one of the toughest years of my life. I honestly thought I wasn’t going to make it out see 2020 but GOD! I am here. So much has happened to me in my personal life that God had me to do a decade reflection on the last 10 years and I know going forward I am no longer in an old space. I am redeemed, restored, and ready to walk in my purpose. 

The last 10 years was years of lessons now I’m walking into years of blessings, prosperity, and growth. I am here for it and not a devil in hell will stop me.

Throughout the hardships, I went through in 2019. God was molding me into my purpose. He was turning beauty from ashes and making every crocket road straight. How did I go from broken women to a virtuous woman? The list below is a few ways you can figure out your purpose.

1. Be Still

For the last 3 years, God began speaking to me but I had so much noise in my life, I couldn’t hear him clearly until December 2018. I begin to question my life and my purpose with a 2-month-old in my arms because I had a sense of no direction. I was married but lost, had a great job but was lost, just had a baby and was lost. All I could think of is that I had nothing to show with a baby to take care of. On my death bed, God said to me, “Be still daughter and know I am God”. Psalms 46:10. So clear the clutter, set still, turn your phone off so that you can hear his voice.

2. Ask God

Ask God down to the very small details of how he wants you to serve on earth. Don’t just hop, skip, and jump into doing something you don’t like. We all have a purpose and it's in us. The only person I believe can help you is God.

3. Work on Personal Development

Instead of having so much focus on things and people around you. Put energy into you. You hold to key to your purpose inside you, not things or people. Remember you are “Fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalms 139:14. Clean out any skeletons that you might of swap under the rug, look in the mirror, and face you.

Personal development has a lot to do with spiritual, emotional, mental, and social skills. How are you going to have a purpose if you don’t like people? You need people whether you like it or not. So clean yourself up inside out.

4. What angers you?

The thing that anger you, holds your passion.

Example: You might dislike the way some women wear lace front wigs where you can tell its not authentic. So you create a lace front that’s secured for women. Boom, passion!

5. Your God-given Gift

Joyce Meyers said something in her book “How to hear from God.” I thought was simple but mind-blowing. She said A God-giving gift are the skills a person easily performs with no formal training. Isn’t that beautiful?

Example. I’ve always loved putting stuff together whether it was outfits, filing, crafting or sewing. So styling comes easy to me.

Good tip: Write out a list of things that come naturally to you and your gift is in the mist somewhere.

Once you think about all 5 ways. Pray about it, give it to God and allow Him to direct your path Proverbs 3:6. I noticed sometimes we try and work around these steps but take my word. It’ll save you a lot of time, money and energy. I’m walking into my purpose with my heels and head held high.

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