5 Top Ways to Face Adversity

Top 5 Ways to Face Adversity


Hey Sis,

This past week was a doozy for me and if you don’t know, I am in the mist of a divorce and dealing with your past spouse and lawyers can be a lot. My advice “ Allow God to choose your spouse, not you”. 🥴 If I can be authentic with you, ya girl broke down about 3 times in the last week. But guess what I learned‼️ Breaking down is good because God is close to the brokenhearted. Psalm 34:18

If you know me, you know I don’t like to be down for too long. I like to go through my process, get my lesson and dip! So I jumped out my funk real quick, prayed, apologized to people, and have been keeping my spirit man high.

As you guys know, life always happens but we have to learn how to respond to our issues a little different. So I wanted to help someone who may be going through issues in this current season.

This is something you may want to pin 📌 in your notes for future reference.

1. Breath.  

Seriously take a moment and breath. Breathing (sometimes called diaphragmatic breathing) is a practice that enables more air to flow into your body and can help calm your nerves, reducing stress and anxiety. It can also help you improve your attention span and lower pain levels.

2. Alert 🚨 God on the situation. 

You may say but God knows/ sees what’s going on but he gives us free will to seek him first and involve him in our every day life. We just don’t let our true father know and as women we like to control the outcome instead of lay it at his feet. Learn to give it to him and as pastor T.D. Jake's said this past Sunday at Lakewood,  Go to God with a idk spirit and humble yourself to receive his instructions https://youtu.be/z8myjTKf6qA

3. Listen to his instructions.  

Sit in silence and listen. This is hard but with practice it can be done. Period 🙏🏽


4. Wait & Be Still.  

During this separation heading to divorce, being still has been one of the hardest things I had to do and to this day I am still learning and understanding what it really means to "Be Still" and God has been revealing to me specifically how to implement these steps in my life.


5. Find Scriptures about your situation and go over them daily

This helps renew your mind daily and also a good way to remember the the word.

Sis, you have to do this every-time because one thing I have learned, is that life will happen but how you respond to it will show growth in your walk. My therapist gave me some good advice in our last session. She said to use every situation as a guinea pig experiment to better myself.

I hope this encouraged you to use the authority you have and combat them issues with the word of God.💞


Mom Edition: What Should be Included in a Emergency Kit



Hey girl! Let me tell you what happened to me last week. One day last week, My baby was home sick as I was working from home. During his nap time, our fire alarm went off causing a quick panic of running and rambling around the house.

As I was getting ready to leave the house, I realized I had nothing prepared for me and my baby in case of emergency and it bothered me to be in that position to only have my important documents in place with no other items.

Over the weekend, God put it in my heart to get a few things in place in case of an emergency for my and my baby. Below could include the following recommended items that I currently have. If you have other items in your emergency backpack, comment below and let other moms know what's in your bag.

Everything you need to have in case of emergency. 

This list is more for in the house, have the leave in a hurry scenario not a end of the world type of bag.


A Backpack

Extra Flashlights


Emergency Blanket (warm)

Important documents

  • Passports

  • Birth certificate

  • Social security for both me and baby

  • Apartment insurance

  • Car titles

  • Bank account information 

Machete or gun( if you have a registered one)

Outfit for me

  • Shirt

  • pants

  • socks

  • sports bra

  • panties 

Outfit for baby

  • Shirt

  • pants

  • socks

  • drawers 


Small first aid kit

Charger for phone

Back up chargers

Granola bars



Pack of mask

Notebook and 2 pens

Pack of garbage bags

Walkie talkie

Crayons and coloring book for kid

Local map and Us map

Portable generator

Click here to get access to my Amazon list I created with a few items from the list above. 

I hope this helps you. As a mother, prepare yourself in case of an emergency.  

Let me know what you have in your bag that may not be listed above.


3 Ways to Wear a Oversized Shirt Dress


The Best Way to Style a Shirt Dress

Hey guys! I hope your week went well. In this post we are discussing a trend that I think any mompreneur would love, Shirt dress.


I don’t know about anybody else, but your girl picked up some quarantine weight and in the process of working on this body, so the summer will have to get whatever body I give it without no shame, Okurrr


Shirt dresses this season are cute, comfortable, and affordable and with everything that you have been through I think its time to get out the sweats and show some legs. Below are three ways you can style a shirt dress.


Style with some cute heels



Add a belt.



Style it with your favorite tennis shoe.



Outfit details

Dress: Ross (similar)

Shoes: JustFab

Purse: Aundi Purse

Earrings: UniqueEditions


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