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November 16, 2018

How to Wear Culottes Pants in the Fall

 Leopard Print Trend Idea

Oh my, I’m starting to feel like I say it has been a minute since I’ve been here but it has. Life has been one theme park ride and I am figuring out my new life as I know it. Being a wife is one thing but being a wife and a mother is another.

These days I've been all about comfort when it comes to clothing. Loose, free, and snuggle like material have been an interest of mine. From having a baby to getting stitches can definitely mess with your mind and also your body. If you’re like most women you don’t feel your best and it can be a little uncomfortable with your postpartum body. But one thing I realize is that you truly have to get out your own mind and focus on the fact that you just brought a new life into this world and stay positive on the outcome of your love handles 

With the current printed trend, I started this look off with these printed Culottes. I love these culottes because they are comfortable but also stylish and can be paired with just about any top, whether it’s a sweater or a basic white t-shirt shot here. You can accomplish a lot with these pair of culottes because overall they are a cozy pair of pants. 

I added a black Peep Toe Chunky Booties and top it off with my favorite olive green shirt jacket. Finally, I finish the look with my net bag, flat top sunnies, my tribal earrings, and my chain bracelet, all from  What part of the look are you guys loving? 

Printed culottes pants (similar style). Black ankle chunky heels (similar styles).  Tan Net bag.

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