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September 16, 2016

Why do Women Wear Shoes that Bark?

In a woman’s world, we have it established in our heads that we can do it all. From doing a man’s job to becoming a CEO of a corporation, we push ourselves to conquer the world. But from time to time we waste our money on those shining, sparkling, dog barkers that leave our poor little feet for dead. 

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I believe as a woman, we buy these shoes with an intent that we are going to strut our stuff and by the time we walk to an occasion we instantly pull out a pair of our favorite slippers. I can recall a pair of 6inch heels that I purchased online, I was committed to wearing those attractive pairs of shoes and keep them for a long time, but the moment I put them on I knew my cute little feet were going to turn into short little nubs after they were through.

Every day I pretty much wear heels to work and some are just not my friend. I gladly bring those sandals with me faithfully as if it was my wedding ring. So you may ask why buy shoes that bark? In all honesty, because we can. There is not significance to it, we love what we see, and buy what we love. If you wear these types of shoes, share your thoughts on why you do so. 
Much love, StyleGuruZak

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