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August 31, 2019

Big CHOP!!! Watch Me Rock this Short Hair

Let’s just say its 2020 already and my baby will be 1. Times is just going by. But despite the time, I wanted to share my “Watch me Rock this short hair” story.
Ok guys so first thing first! I love love lovveee my hair. In my last trimester, I started noticing my hair follicles and roots. The moment I had my baby boy I noticed month after month, my hair was falling out.
By month 4 I was contemplating then I felt the urge to do it. So I called my brother, I had my clippers so went to slicing and dicing my hair. I didn’t wear my real hair out for 2 months after because I wanted to figure out how I wanted it styled. And I found the perfect haircut for Zak.
I get questions like: Why I did it?, am I ok?,  am I having a midlife crisis? And to answer those questions it more about me and where I am in life. I’m to a place where I don’t care about the opinions of others because most people give advice based off their own experiences and fears.
You have to do what’s best for you. I honestly don’t have time for hair. I have an 8 month old, a 9-5, and a business to run. The holy spirit whispered, cut that off. So guess what?!?!? I cut it.
I wanted something different. I was entering a new journey in my life (my 30th) and the cut just added a spike to my life. I feel great, I’m taking care of me, reading books, and feeding my spirit man.
It’s funny that folks always think you’re going through something to make you do something dramatically different. I love change, in change comes opportunities. I am not my hair but not having much of it has surely has me in a good space spiritually, physical, emotionally.
Do what’s best for you. Be the change you want to see, pray, and let the holy spirit guide you.

I’m loving my new look and I hope you guys too as well.

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