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September 23, 2022

6 Must Have Trendy Shoes Under $50!

I don't know about anybody else but the first day of fall feels like the first day of summer, it's HOT! In Texas we dress for 3 days of fall and maybe about a week in winter but it's OK as the world is slowly but swiftly opening up. I wanted to share some weekend shoes for all my single moms that are currently trendy and surprisingly comfortable. It's the comfort for me!  Here are 6 Must Have Trendy Shoes under $50, sis!




1. Yellow Strap Heel


2. Black Strap Braided Heel

3. Lilac Braided Heel


4. Transparent Stiletto Heel Slippers Backless 

5. Green Silk Pumps 

6. White Slide in Heels 



What's your favorite must have style for the weekend? 

To watch the similar styles worn, WATCH HERE

To get the full clickable guide, download below:






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