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August 01, 2017


Black Graphic Shirt + Black Nike Slides

Wow! Where has July gone already? In July a lot has happened but I move so fast I don't even let things get to me anymore. I literally expect the unexpected. I was recently laid off with no notice from my corporate position but you know what the situation just motivated me to keep pushing for my entrepreneurship. I'm to a point where I need financial stability for my future kids, and me working and dedicating all my time to these companies, I cannot rely on. I hear a lot in motivational speaking’s and readings, "what is your why?" My why is my family and my future kids. I don't want them to grow up the way I did because I have to power to stir my path in the right direction with help from above. What about you guys? What is your why? Think about that.

Summer is for skirts, shorts, and cute dresses. These items are all I want to put on because I’m not stuck at a desk any longer. Sometimes all a gal wants to do, is slip her sliders on and go on with her day. 

I'm comfortable, this cute graphic shirt I bought from Ross was a doozy when picking out my outfit because it can go with either shorts or skirts, my pattern pleated skirt (similar) came off of HM 80% off the rack when the sales were rolling earlier in May. I honestly purchased a $15 skirt for $5 bucks. I live for budget snags, they're the best when shopping for any sale. I finished the look with these cute nike sliders my husband brought for me because he was tired of me always wearing his. The funny thing is, even though he brought my own. I still find myself wearing he's. I don't know what's that's about but I can honestly say, I can not help it lol. Who else does that? What do you guys think, do you guys like?

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