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August 24, 2018

StyleGuruZak's Gender Reveal

It has truly been a bumpy little month. From my body changes to the discomforts that come with pregnancy, I can honestly say. Thank you, Lord for getting me the strength to push through. Going into my 3rd trimester was a little adjustment but at this point, we are just awaiting baby J’s arrival. So without further or do…Omg I’m so excited to share that my hubby and I are having a beautiful baby girl!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYY.

Throughout my pregnancy, so many people tried to place on us what they wanted us to have but I never received anything anyone said but my own prayers to the father. We wanted a girl so we prayed about it, give it to Lord and guess what I’m a true believer of “Ask and you shall receive”.  So we are super excited to meet our little baby girl.

I’m blessed, grateful, and just at a very happy place in my life. Plus, if you know me, the shopping for this child bout to be ridiculous. A mini fashionista and she doesn’t even know if yet. We getting closer and it’s almost time. I hope everyone has a blessed month with love, peace, and joy in your hearts.

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