StoryTime | I Thought I was Having a Girl

It took me a moment for me to record this but i am here to share my journey so, here it is. This was one of those WTH moments that i had a chose in the moment to turn the negative into the positive.

Thank you guys for watching!

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3 Easy Budget Friendly Birthday Ideas for a 2 year old


This week since its my babies birthday 3 fun ideas if you're struggling with coming up with ideas for your 2 year old. This year I decided not to do much for my baby since we are still in a pandemic and we don't have time getting sick while the city is opened. Were good. All my family wants to do is get the kids together and play and I know he will love that because in for sure that he's tired of looking at me acting crazy, dancing in his face on zoom calls for work. So I decided last minute of course with just doing some small, intimate for 1 hour of fun with my baby and his cousins and call it a day. 

For the decorations, The idea is to buy one pack each of whichever character your child likes and buy solid colors to go with the d├ęcor.

  • Example: So if my son likes ToyStory (which he does) I would just buy a tablecloth, one pack of plates, one pack of cutes, one pack of napkins and blend them in with solid colors for savings.

My favorite store to shop for solids and decorations is Dollar Tree. I can get a whole party for $20 when it comes to my 2 year old or hell any party, Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Ok, let's get to those 3 ideas, here are 3 budget friendly birthday ideas for your a 2 year old.

  1. Backyard Party.

This one is so simple and toddler parties are fun and cheap to plan. You can get a bouncer, petting animals, a pool, or even an art set up for the kiddos right in the backyard. Now the clean up may be a mess but I love set ups.

Total Party: Range $50-150

  1. Local Park Party

Last year for my son's first birthday, we had a park party that was fun and relaxing.

It was easy to set up but I hated the breakdown. I brought a tent for shade and told my guest to BYOC (bring your own chair)LOL so that my cleanup would be easier. We invited about 25 to 30 guest, I brought fresh pizza for us and the kids with wings and relaxed while the kids played right at the park so I didn't have to purchase any additional play items. That was a plus for me.

Total Party: $150

  1. Indoor Party

This is my favorite because this is my plan for this year. Now if the weather is in your way for the first suggestion. Pick an area in your home to have an intimate party for the little ones. I only spend $25 at the store for snacks, water, and the cake. I have plenty of toys with music so we have all we need because we will also be using this time to catch up as well.

If you need something else for entertainment have a few games set up, or purchase local entertainment for fun. I only plan to have this small gathering for an hour or two so I'm not doing all big stuff that. Kids 3 and under are easily satisfied with the smallest things. They are grateful so for my son to see his cousins is a priceless moment for him. And to say I was literally going to just get him a cupcake and let him have fun with that. I think him and his 2 cousins will wear themselves out together.

Total Party: $50

This didn't take to much planning with my busy schedule but because i schedule all my time in it made my life a lot more easier. If you need a weekly planner to help make your life easier. Grab a FREE copy of my "Daily Planner for Moms" below.

These are all that I would do during this pandemic time since we are still on lockdown. Did you think this 3 easy budget friendly birthday ideas for a 2 year old were helpful? Let me know in the comments. If you have any other ideas for budget friendly let me know too.


Amazon Hair Under $75 | Unice Unboxing and Review

This week, we are talking all things hair, Okurr.

In order for us to begin the image we need, we need to tackle ourselves from head to toe. This company reached out to me to review this hair product that (im not gone lie) go your girl feeling some kind of way. Check out this weeks video of me unboxing this cute bob under $75. I'm always looking for a deal. this is a steal. what are your thoughts? Are we liking or loving. I say both.

Hair Details:
6% Off Coupon code:LOVEUNICE UNice website: https://amzn.to/2TRF14r link to same bob lace closure https://amzn.to/33FivC2
link to UNice Hair Amazon Store: https://amzn.to/2XcwGgl Book updates: https://marvelous-composer-1043.ck.page/6cb6431105 The Virtuous Women Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast... Connect with Zak! Instagram: @authenticallyZ Twitter: @authenticallyZ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Authenticallyz/ For Business with branding and product reviews ONLY, please contact me at: styleguruzak@gmail.com Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. Keywords:  unicehair, Amazonwig, Amazon bob wigs, Amazon wig, amazon wig review, amazon wigs human hair, amazon hair lace front, amazon wig review human hair, amazon human hair wigs, under $100, unice hair, unice hair amazon, unice hair review, unice hair wigs, amazon wigs hair, amazon hair review, unice hair amazon wig bob, authenticallyz, ZakLGrace.

My Testimony: From Hurt to Heal


Hey Guys! Happy Fall! I'm super excited about how the breeze has been coming in but now it's time to find the little one his fall/winter gear to get ready for the cool weather this season. With everything going on in this world, 2020 has been one hell of a year. But if you're still here, say Amen to yourself for God keeping you this far. 

This video took a minute to edit due to the fact of Fear. But even though fear tried to get the best of me, I still pushed through. I've been looking for the right time to put this out, but God spoke and all I heard was, it's time! This is the beginning of me talking about my journey.

If you ever felt like you cant be healed by hurt, just know that you can.

  • Allow God to walk with you

  • Go through the pain

  • Allow Time to heal those wounds


Revelation 12:11 

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

 I hope you’re encouraged.

Song I brought up: This is not enough-hammock

Quote: “Heal before someone else has to heal from you.”

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How to Get out of Survival Mode

Have you ever had a moment where God speaks to you through you?Something special happened in my prayer time with the Lord. He spoke to let me know that I am exactly where I need to be and if things didn't pan out the way they went I wouldn't be who i am today. I'm grateful! Hear what happened next.

3 ways to get out survival mode
  • Open your heart to God
  • Do the inner work
  • Let Go
I hope you were encourage. If you're listening, please share, share, share.
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Night Terrors | Toddlers

3 Ways to Help your Baby Get Through Night Terrors 

Hey guys so last month, my baby was experiencing night terrors, which equates to no sleep for us both. It's been a very interesting experience for me because I've been sleep deprived and scared but trusting God to get me through the day. 

I remember when this first started, my son was about 3 months old and it scared the heck out of me. I thought he fell or someone was in the apartment. I prayed over my baby when it happened and I thought we were done with this situation. But in August this terror became a terror in my home. 

What is a night terror? A night terror is when your baby wakes up screaming and scared but still sleeping. It's equal to a person who is sleepwalking. 

When this consistently happened for 3 nights in a row some concerns begin to arise in me like is something wrong with my child, is his spirit disturb, or is he having a nightmare?

I couldn't find an answer so I just went to the Lord because I refused to get suggestions from google who would have you thinking you have cancer from a cough. He gave me such peace and these 3 steps to take care of this terror. We haven't experienced any since.

1. Bring your baby to God

This is so important. As parents, we have to realize our kids are not ours, they're Gods. You must begin to pray over your child especially in trying times as such.

Including specific prayers for my child has helped me in ways I could never imagine because when you bring your children to God, you are trusting God to help you in situations you have no control over.

2. Create Structure for your Kids

This means having them on a schedule with included naps, which is super important. Taking daily naps for kids is crucial to night terrors. So if they are on a schedule this helps their sleep patterns sink in.

If you need an idea of how to create structure, grab the daily routine sheet I created for my baby here.

3. Be their comfort

Another important step. When this recently started back up. I woke up scared poop-less asking my baby “What's the Matter” in a loud voice which is big no-no with night terrors. Saying things such as Its ok, I am here, and you are safe are some words of comfort your baby needs to hear.



4. Cry if you need too 

Trust this is a hard process but we are built for hard. The last time this happened I was sleep-deprived, tired, and drained because we were up for 2 hours and I just went to sleep and had to get right back up in 3 more hours. I was completely depleted. 

I also wanted to share with you a few things “not to do”.

  • Depending on your child, do not touch your baby unless they reach for you. 
  • Do not talk in a loud tone.
  • Do not turn the light on (this makes things worse).

These are some things that helped us get through the night. I hope you're encouraged.

Tags: Baby night terrors, night terrors, my baby has night terrors, Night terrors 1 year old.


How to Style High Waist Shorts

3 Easy Ways to Style High Waist Shorts

Weekend Outfit

It's hot! But I hear some cold weather will be coming in so before we get this fall weather I'm wearing my shorts. I actually have mix feelings about this front but  one thing i have learned this year is that 2020 ain't letting up.

I wanted to style these cute high-waist shorts in a way I know I would wear them so enjoy 3 ways to style these cute green shorts.

Dress it up

If these breasts were a tad bit smaller, a one-shoulder white top would be calling my name but uh babyyy.

big boobs large breasts GIF

Dress it down

I've been in a dress it down kind of mood this summer where all I want to do is be comfy and cute. Summer 2020 didn't stand a chance and got whatever outfit I was giving.

Okur GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Make it casual

Combine these cute green shorts with a casual white button-down, cute sandals and call it day.

You have to admit that all the styles are simple and cute. Each top can be found  find on my Amazon Storefront. Which is your favorite? Comment below.

If you missed this weeks "You got This" Topic: 3 Ways to Overcome Anxiety.

Photos by: Jay Thriver Photography®


How to Gain Peace in Trying Times?

In these trying times, peace is something we all can use. With Chadwick Boseman passing and the countless police brutality in the black community, we are tired. I’m like Jeez 2020 is not letting up but I think God for his peace to get me through the day, weeks, and months. I have learned that if I still have a breath, I still have a purpose.

During my quiet time with God, I learned 5 things about peace:

1. We should take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5)

What does that mean? One thing I know the enemy is good at is placing thoughts in the mind. He's good at suggestions. The same way he suggested to Eve to eat the fruit from the tree of life. Is the same way he suggest to us.Think about that. So it's best if we bring our thoughts to God and allow Him to guide us.

2. Peace is the antidote for anxiety

3. If it doesn't bring you peace, let it go 

I’ve been through a lifetime of issues to know when my peace is being disrupted. I've learned sometimes you can't even bring certain things to people because their mental capacity can’t retain the perspective you're coming from. So give it to God and watch Him vindicate on your behalf, instead of you using your energy over things you can't control.

4. Peace is not given, it's who God is

The Lord is the prince of peace, it's to him we find it. (Isaiah 9:6)

5. Grace gives us peace

When I’m struggling with something, I always like to remind myself what God has done for me and that he can do the same for others whether I like the outcome or not. It's in his hands.

So take this week for you, take care of you, protect your peace and spend more time with the Lord with your prayers, your worries, and issues. He will give you all the peace you need. I hope you're encourage.


How Everything Happens for a Reason

In life, we may struggle with so much wondering why we are experiencing certain situations. I believe it's because of 3 things:

1. God is either trying to show us the lesson in a situation
2. God is trying to show us something about us or,
3. God is trying to guide us through a situation.

Just know things didn't happen just because and that there is a beauty from ashes from any situation. Recently, I had a mini battle with my current life situation because I was reminded of the turmoil I'm facing. God showed me the ugly truth behind it all. Listen in on how I pushed through. I hope you're encouraged. 

Song: Pat Barrett- Canvas and Clay

Ecclesiates 3:1
Romans 8:28-10
Genesis 50:20

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Summer Outfits Under $20

3 Cute Summer Outfits Under $20

Hi Queens! Today video is all about 3 cute outfits you can wear this week working from home. I don't know about you but I'm tired of wearing pajamas in the house lol.
I found all 3 outfits from Ross. I'm not sure if you guys let the first few batches of folks go out but the stores have a 25 person limit and are taking extra percussion on the safety of there customers.

I initially went to Ross for patio items and noticed that the whole store was on clearance due to the pandemic. So I had to take a peak. When I tell you guys these dresses were a total of $10.97. If you need some cute outfits to wear for while you work from home. Now is the best time to shop. I hope you enjoy this video.

3 Stores I Recommend:
Ross Dress for less

How to Unlock Your Purpose in 1 hour https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/r1b7u4
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How to Celebrate Juneteenth

Happy Juneteenth everyone!

Today marks a day that freed black people out of slavery. 

If you're unaware of this holiday, here’s a quick history lesson:

  • In 1776, slavery still existed when the Declarations of Independence was signed (4th of July).
  • June 19, 1865, was the date and year of the ending of slavery in the U.S. 
  • It took another 2 years for slaves to be freed after Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Bill.
  • Juneteenth has not yet been declared as a federal holiday but is celebrated greatly in the black community.
  • Want to celebrate? This is a great opportunity to celebrate black culture.
  • And lastly, when you know better, you do better. I’m not celebrating the 4th of July ever. Thee End.

How to celebrate Juneteenth

How to Celebrate Juneteenth?

  • Support black-owned businesses
  • Learn the history
  • Check on your black friends
  • Black People Takeoff (even if your company doesn't celebrate this day)

If you were wondering what to wear on Juneteenth, here are 3 things you can wear.

1. Incorporate the Pan- African Flag colors in your wardrobe.

The colors are red, black, and green. If you're not sure what they represent, check out this article that speaks greatly of the history of the Pan- African Flag colors.


2. Create or support a black-owned business who sells Juneteenth shirts.

Juneteenth shirt

The shirt I'm wearing is from Crowned Creatives 

If you need inspiration, use Pinterest as a guide.

3. Keep it simple and have fun.

Don't overthink this, its a celebration, its the summer so grab your favorite shorts or skirt and have fun styling and celebrating the black culture. 

With everything going on, God has me on a style of looking into my roots and understanding my history as black women. With all the chaos, I am truly grateful for God of awakening my spirit man to know that there is so much more that needs to learn about myself and happy to be on this journey of discovery. Black Lives Matters, I suggest if you're black that God awakens your mind to know that you're better then your now. Oppression isn't just physical its mental as well.

Take care of yourself, understand your history, and I hope you're encouraged.