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December 31, 2017

Live Your Best Life!

Slip Dress & Fur Shoes

Happy new years you guys! 2017 was full of tears (good & bad), happy moments, sadness, depression, heartache, fear, and challenges. But guess what?!?! We made it you guys, we push through the good and bad, the ups and downs, the fear, and the challenges. I honestly reflect back and think, Wow. I have been through my own hell, had to deal with things within me that I thought I left behind but was just swiped under the rub. I have lost jobs, received multiple no’s, daggers were thrown my way in all shapes and forms. I was scared to see and find out who I really am because sometimes we quiet down to make others comfortable. But nope, not any longer. I can’t tell you where I'm going but I'm moving towards greatness. And at this present moment, I'm in preparation mode. I'm being prepared for whatever comes my way to know, I will be just fine.  As JJ Watts says “When you get knocked down you get back up.”

I’m a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason.” So I don’t even put my focus and worry on stuff that meaningless. Why focus on the past when your future so bright? I’m in a good place where I just want to be great and do great things. What is for you, will be, and as long as you have faith to know things will get better they will. Besides as long as you are willing to learn from those lesson, you will grow.

 Ending the year my focus is on self because self-health is the best health. I’ve been through soo much to just stop when mishaps happen. With my body crumbling half the year, that was one the hardest things to push through but I made it. This year has taught me motivation, discipline, and self-reflection to know whose whose and what’s real. I’ve decided to not indulge in drama, appreciate people in my life, and have an understanding of others because we all have a story. 

Great things have happened and my adrenaline is at its highest in my life. I’ve been recognized for my hard work, started a boutique, added the ugly truth podcast in the mix, and enjoyed writing these post here for you guys. I live for a good challenges because it's not about the trial, it's about the lessons you’ve learned from those storms.

 Stay focus, stay positive, and remember to surround yourself with like-minded individual pushing for greatness, not mediocrity. I’m super excited for the greatness this new year, the lessons, the trials, and the changes! Happy New Year to you all and always remember to shine. XOXO Zak.

Outfit Details
Dress- Wet Seal
Leather Jacket- Ross
Shoes- I made them
Glasses and accessories- Zjewels

Lace Top- Ross

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