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January 17, 2017

6 Ways to Move Past Grieving a Lost!

6 Ways to Move Past Grieving a Lost!
 Grieving a loved one can be devastating, hurtful, shocking, and plan right heartbroken.  To some people it is a wake-up call, I say a time the Lord is trying to get your attention. Life is a test; it is up to us to go left or right. The Lord challenges us to view our faith in times of sorrow.
One of the best things we can do is to meditate/pray so here are 5 ways to move past grieving a loved one:

 1.    Listen to Happy/Praise Music
Sometimes we find ourselves listening to the music that keeps us sad, it puts you in a place that is gloomy, dark, and depressed. Listening to happy music helps us cope & find a way to push through a sudden tragedy to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

 2.    Meditate/Pray

When grieving your mind can get the best of you, if you let it. I don’t know about anybody else but I can get a little discombobulated and distracted if prayer and a peace of mind not involved.

 3.    Accept Support
Accepting support means its ok for someone to be there in this time of need so don’t disregard help, love, and kindness for those who love you.

 4.    Get Out!
This is so important! According to Patrick Banks “5 Ways to Get Over the Lost Love Fast” getting out and trying new things can help during the grieving process.

 5.    Work It Out
Working out is a stress reliever, says Mayo Clinic Staff (here’s full link). Working out can get your mind off of things and allow you to think positive. Put your music on, get pumped and just work it!

 6.    Push Through
Pushing through means don’t mourn forever. It's ok to think of all the times you’ve had with that person but it is not ok when your home for months sometimes even years stuck in the same place your loved one left you because whether you like it or not; life will move on, time will get going, and its not healthy to be stressed and depressed. So find peace in the situation, its ok to cry, it is ok to throw something at the wall, its ok to scream (just make sure you put a pillow over your face lol) but all and all you have to move forward.

 I hoped this helped someone because I have seen so much death in the past 3 weeks and death can affect your mind. With meditation and prayer, the Lord is by your side. So do something for somebody else, love your family and friends and leave all the pettiness, cattiness, hate, and strife out the pictures. I have learned in the past couple of weeks with two losses in my family that the devil will try any avenue to creep in your life because he’s desperate and “Ain’t nobody got time for that”. Focus on the love and joy that person filled in your life and remember everyone we cross path with is a gift, not a right. 

Which tip did you guys like the most? Comment below. Don’t forget if any of you all are in need of some fashion styling tips check out my YouTube channel below.

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