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July 03, 2017

Denim Shorts and Cut out Graphic Tee

4th of July Outfit

Happy 4th guys! I feel like I’ve blinked my eyes and it is already mid-year. Where has the time gone? I have not clue, but one thing I know, the heat that we’ve encounter here in Houston, will have me inside majority of summer. Zak and heat don’t mush well. I have skin problems that only allows me a certain time frame outside. So I honestly prefer to stay in if I don’t have holiday events to attend.

 With the sun shinning and the holiday here, my dark denim HM shorts, black Anne Klein Mini Dome Satchel, ZJewels mirror shades, and Tobi Flynn cut out graphic tee are pieces that naturally went together in the process for this type of weather. If swimming was up for discussion, then a bathing suit would be my first option.

Styling this outfit, I knew for sure these dark denim HM shorts were going to be involved. They are comfortable, loose, and those pair of denim that would go with any top in my wardrobe. My Flynn cut out graphic tee from the perfect match to add to this look. The details on the shirt was the first thing I noticed on site. This cut out graphic tee is cool, trendy, and I believe was a good combo for the 4th of July holiday. To finish my outfit, I had to rock my favorite pair of gladiator sandals I purchased from Ross (got to love Ross). I pretty much style these any chance I get this summer. What are you guys wearing? What’s your favorite part of the outfit? I will have to go with the Flynn cut out graphic tee.


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