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October 12, 2020

3 Easy Budget Friendly Birthday Ideas for a 2 year old


This week since its my babies birthday 3 fun ideas if you're struggling with coming up with ideas for your 2 year old. This year I decided not to do much for my baby since we are still in a pandemic and we don't have time getting sick while the city is opened. Were good. All my family wants to do is get the kids together and play and I know he will love that because in for sure that he's tired of looking at me acting crazy, dancing in his face on zoom calls for work. So I decided last minute of course with just doing some small, intimate for 1 hour of fun with my baby and his cousins and call it a day. 

For the decorations, The idea is to buy one pack each of whichever character your child likes and buy solid colors to go with the d├ęcor.

  • Example: So if my son likes ToyStory (which he does) I would just buy a tablecloth, one pack of plates, one pack of cutes, one pack of napkins and blend them in with solid colors for savings.

My favorite store to shop for solids and decorations is Dollar Tree. I can get a whole party for $20 when it comes to my 2 year old or hell any party, Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Ok, let's get to those 3 ideas, here are 3 budget friendly birthday ideas for your a 2 year old.

  1. Backyard Party.

This one is so simple and toddler parties are fun and cheap to plan. You can get a bouncer, petting animals, a pool, or even an art set up for the kiddos right in the backyard. Now the clean up may be a mess but I love set ups.

Total Party: Range $50-150

  1. Local Park Party

Last year for my son's first birthday, we had a park party that was fun and relaxing.

It was easy to set up but I hated the breakdown. I brought a tent for shade and told my guest to BYOC (bring your own chair)LOL so that my cleanup would be easier. We invited about 25 to 30 guest, I brought fresh pizza for us and the kids with wings and relaxed while the kids played right at the park so I didn't have to purchase any additional play items. That was a plus for me.

Total Party: $150

  1. Indoor Party

This is my favorite because this is my plan for this year. Now if the weather is in your way for the first suggestion. Pick an area in your home to have an intimate party for the little ones. I only spend $25 at the store for snacks, water, and the cake. I have plenty of toys with music so we have all we need because we will also be using this time to catch up as well.

If you need something else for entertainment have a few games set up, or purchase local entertainment for fun. I only plan to have this small gathering for an hour or two so I'm not doing all big stuff that. Kids 3 and under are easily satisfied with the smallest things. They are grateful so for my son to see his cousins is a priceless moment for him. And to say I was literally going to just get him a cupcake and let him have fun with that. I think him and his 2 cousins will wear themselves out together.

Total Party: $50

This didn't take to much planning with my busy schedule but because i schedule all my time in it made my life a lot more easier. If you need a weekly planner to help make your life easier. Grab a FREE copy of my "Daily Planner for Moms" below.

These are all that I would do during this pandemic time since we are still on lockdown. Did you think this 3 easy budget friendly birthday ideas for a 2 year old were helpful? Let me know in the comments. If you have any other ideas for budget friendly let me know too.

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