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October 27, 2017

Side Stripe Tights + Stripe Top

Man oh man, it's been one of those months. Fast and somewhat demanding. This week was pretty tough for the hubby and I. Well he scraped his ankle at work and I sprained my wrist at the gym. We feel broken and slightly defeated this week but guess what failure and quitting is not an option in our household.

 Details of Accessories

Let’s discuss this outfit. I’m a weirdo I tell you lol but guess what it's me. A seasons trend is all about stripes and pouch bags. These stripes tights are probably to softest and comfortable pair of tights I’ve purchased in a long time. I came across these walking through Ross aisles and could not pass them up. I matched my strip tights with a striped top where I use to wear at my latest 9-5 just about every week. I love this blouse because it can be worn several ways with multiple outfits. I’m all about mixing and matching.

 To finish my look, I wore zjewels cuff bangle, zjewels gold choker, Versace sunnies and these chain slides, which are all my fall favs. I've been having some fun in my closet with me selling closet finds on ebay, wearing most outfits once, and just getting rid of. Will you guys fall into the lastest side stripe trend? I hope this was helpful, Thank you guys for stopping by,I hope you have a spooky & safe Halloween weekend.

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