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December 05, 2021

My Divorce Story Part 1 |How God Turn Beauty from Ashes

Let me first say that I am not a fan of Divorce but when you rush the promise God has for you, you settle for a counterfeit. Don't rush God's timing.

The things I went through, I don't wish on anyone. Please be careful who you open yourself to because the enemy is here to steal, kill, and destroy (Read
John 10:10). And to be honest I almost let him kill me. I got married to a person who I thought was my forever, I'm a fighter so I thought I needed to fight for my marriage but when you're the only one fighting, you'll never see the glory of restoration in it.

“It's OK to fight for someone who loves you but it's never OK to fight for someone to love you.” 
Big difference. I'm grateful for the journey and don't regret anything because I had to meet him, marry him, learn a lot of lessons, have my baby, and I had to get to this point of awakening with Christ. Painful but necessary. So I'm grateful for the journey and I thank God for seeing me through.

I’m FREE...Free from bondage, strongholds, and manipulation. Let me add that marriage can be heaven or hell on earth but its how your flourish it. It also can be a beautiful thing when both parties put the work every day, every moment to stand in harmony.

Remember: All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28).

For me, my previous marriage was a lesson for me that had to take place but my future hubby will be a blessing from God (speaking into existence).

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See the video below for my Divorce Story| How God Turned beauty from Ashes.



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