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January 21, 2022

How to Overcome Anxiety


Hi sis! I did a live Instagram post this past Tuesday that talked about How to Identify the weapons, so they won't prosper that led to a Q&A session of someone dealing with anxiety. God led me to tell one of the listeners a strategy he gave me after I had my baby boy. Did you know google has 265 million searches on this top. All that tells me is that we have some work to do.

I remember being so anxious and feeling jittery that I couldn't control myself. I just had my baby boy, just got out of the hospital from chronic pneumonia, and my husband told me he wanted a divorce. My stress levels were so high for about 6 months until I began healing.

Anxiety came from the multiple emotions from breastfeeding, I didn't feel safe in my own home, and I didn't know what was going to happen next in my life. But God! Thank you for your peace, grace, and mercy.

During that time, I asked God to heal me from this cup because I knew that this wasn't the life and mentality he wanted me to live. So he gave me this small strategy that made a huge impact in my life. See below.

1. He told me to take the negative word I was feeling and look up the antonyms for it. After I saw the antonyms he told me to take the opposite of what that word means and apply scriptures that can back them up.

Example: If you are feeling like you are dealing with anxiety. Look up the antonym which is: Belief, blessing, calm, calmness, confidence, ease, faith, happiness, joy, peace, trust, peacefulness, assurance, and tranquility.


2. Read those scriptures daily until something changes and even after

3. Meditate on the scriptures

4. Pray that God will heal you from that negative feelings.

When I tell you that was everything to me. To this day from 2019, I am totally healed from fear, anxiety, depression, and suicide. I thank God for his healing.

Final advice:
  • Make sure you stay in your word and learn God for yourself.
  • Find a church home.
  • Find a therapist near you to help with these emotions.
If you need to know where you can find scriptures, try the following below:
Want to deepen your victory in overcome emotions/feelings? Grab the guide below to start the process of healing from negative feelings below.

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