How to Instill Faith with Your Child at a Young Age



Hello! Welcome to AuthenticallyZ, where I help you refuel your faith, work on your image, & tackle motherhood. I did a Live on IG on how to instill faith with your child at a young age. This article is not to tell anyone how to parent their children but simple tips to train up your child so they won't depart as the word of God says.


As I think about motherhood, the first thoughts for me are the future. I think about the day my baby leaves for college and start his new life. I never want to be that mother that doesn’t have a life without baby. In order for that to happen I want my son to know how he can solely lean on God, not always me. I will always have an open communication with my baby but I want him to have direct connections with God. Below are some tips on how to instill faith with your child at a young age.

1. Teach them about God and who he is. 

I used to make jokes about how God sees all with my baby but I don't want my baby to be scared of God but have respect for him so he won’t rebel against himself. God told me to teach him who I am and show him the way, my truth and my light.

2. Create a daily routine

Pray every night and morning with them. Trust they will begin to remember. Around eating time. I started praying with my baby at 6 weeks and he is now 3 and know how to pray. Take the time to train them, the impact will make a difference in their lives.

3. Live out faith in front of them.

We are our children's first heroes whether we want to or not. Our job is to introduce God to them so they can have a relationship with him. That starts with surrendering our kids back to God. One thing I never want for my baby to do is not known what real emotions are and try to hide my feelings. I want him to know emotions but understand how to turn worry to God instead of focusing on the problem at hand.

4. Incorporate Christian music in their lives

Instead listen to songs that can destroy them. Try listening to Christian music from time to time. So they begin to understand the difference. And explain the difference between secular/ Christian music.

5. Heal if you have hurt within.

"Heal before your child has to heal from you."

By healing and allowing God to do work within you. Your children will see the fruit of it. And get to experience something better. With these kids, you can't say it's what I say, not what I do. They will not go for that. They are coming out asking questions, and demanding answers and I don’t blame them.

5 Things that Can Alter Faith in Your Child

These are tips based on the damage I felt I experienced as a child. Also, from surveying family and friends with questions. Think about what happened to you as a child and do your best not to plant the same seeds.

1.What they're watching

Certain TV shows have subliminal message that sits in your child mind. One thing I love to do is monitor what my baby is doing and watching. Back in December I started realizing an aggression with my child began to have over YouTube kids so I pulled it. The stuff that was coming on and the things he was clicking on truly disturb me as a mother. See…. Watch what their watching and see how they are responding

2. Not keeping a child in a child's place

Don't get upset if your child is reacting a certain way based on the responsibility you've put on them.

Ephesians 6:4 Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger by the way you treat them. Rather, bring them up with the discipline and instruction that comes from the Lord.

3. Not watching their surroundings.

I remember I had to change school 6 months because my baby’s old daycare couldn’t provide my son with some of the disciplinary, I needed him to have as I was at home like saying no sometimes to things he didn’t’ need, babying him, and showing him how to clean up after himself.

4. Disciplining them out of constant anger.

Are you whooping them because they are just being a kid or are you beating them? To me, if you are beating them, remember what beating did to you. Some of us are in therapy now for those beatings. Never release anger on them, this is an easy way for a kid to retain generational curses and instill rebellion in them. Go back to the scripture below.

Ephesians 6:4
Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger by the way you treat them. Rather, bring them up with the discipline and instruction that comes from the Lord.

5. Not practicing what you preach.

Not practice what you are preaching is a sure way for your child to do the opposite of what you’re telling them. So, if you are not exemplifying the instruction, don’t expect them to do so as well.

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