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November 16, 2020

3 Holiday Outfits for Thanksgiving

I don't know about you guys but I'm keeping it real simple for the holidays this year just because the world has opened up, I'm still going to use wisdom to celebrate the holidays with the family.

Remember: You can still get COVID from your family too.

2020 has been a lounge year for me since we've been in the house but for me, any occasion to dress up would pretty much be a fashion show at this point. If you are gathering the family together, now it's the time to wear all the items you've purchased on Amazon (me). These are some style ideas you can wear this Thanksgiving.

Outfit #1

Pair your favorite Fedora hat with a cute  Purple sweater, with comfy jeans and ankle boots.

Outfit #2

Fedora hats are in right now, so why not wear them? I was giving hippie vibes with this one. One reason I like the style is because of comfortability in cloths.


Hat: Walmart
Sweater: Citi Trend
Pants: Walmart
Outfit #3

Who doesn't love pajamas! This season this where I am mental. I just want to be in bed and eat. With working a 9-5, working at home with my little one, running a business, mentally dealing with the hardships of black oppression, multiple deaths, 2020 was a lot! so I just want to enjoy my staycation with my little one and sleep! 


I hope you guys enjoyed it! Happy Thanksgiving. Let me know below, which outfit is your favorite. 

If you have other outfit plans, let me know too.


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