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January 31, 2023

Activities List for Sick Toddler at Home

 Hey Sis!

For the last 2 weeks of January, my son and I have been cooped up in the house due to him being sick. What started off as pink-eye ending up being something I have never heard of. Trying to work from home and care for a sick child is a supernatural task, I know God had to step in for me because my my my. I thank God for his guidance and definitely his strength because Whew, it's been something kind of 2 weeks.

In life, I've learned to roll with and keep pushing (but make sure you are resting too). Caring for a sick toddler can be a challenge, but with the right activities, you can make it a little easier for both you and your little one. When a toddler is feeling under the weather, it's important to keep them entertained and distracted from their illness. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of fun and soothing activities that are perfect for a sick toddler. From reading and art to sensory play and baking, these activities will help your child feel better while they're on the road to recovery. So grab a cozy blanket, grab your little one, and let's get started!



  1. Reading books and telling stories
  2. Playing with play dough or modeling clay
  3. Doing a puzzle or working on a coloring book. My favorite are $1 Tree coloring books
  4. Building with blocks or Lego's
  5. Playing dress-up or pretending with dolls or stuffed animals
  6. Watching a favorite movie or TV show
  7. Playing with cars or action figures
  8. Doing a simple science experiment or craft project
  9. Playing a board game or card game
  10. Having a dance party or sing-along. Be sensitive to your child sickness to make sure this activities does not upset your toddler's tummy.
  11. Doing a scavenger hunt around the house
  12. Drawing or painting
  13. Playing with water and measuring cups in the bathtub
  14. Cooking or baking together
  15. Having a indoor obstacle course or treasure hunt
  16. Building a fort or teepee with blankets and pillows.

I want to add that during each activity, I make sure I am using newspapers, a large post it sheets, or get inexpensive table cloth at the dollar store so all you have to do is pick up items and dispose of them in the trash. 


Taking care of a sick toddler doesn't have to be all about medicine and rest. By incorporating some fun and engaging activities into their day, you can help your child feel better, both physically and emotionally. Remember to keep it simple, and focus on what your child enjoys. Whether it's reading a book, playing a game, or baking cookies, these activities will provide a much-needed distraction from their sickness and give you both a chance to bond. Above all, be patient, offer lots of love and cuddles, and remember that the most important thing is for your little one to get better.

If you need a more structured schedule with everything you need to succeed with a sick toddler at home, grab a copy of my Schedule Guide for Sick Toddlers below.



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