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February 08, 2021

What to do on Valentine's Day for Christian Singles

Hey, guys this week we are tackling the 4 letter word called love. I see the word love in such a different way now, giving my life to Christ and now being a single woman, Valentine's Day is not something I get depressed or obsess about because I know where the true love I need comes from. But I'm still human and I love to celebrate this day in whatever way I can. 

I don't care if I have a man, don't have one. At this moment in my life I'm working on myself and dealing with me to figure out what its is I even like and the type of person I want my next partner to be. So this year because I am so filled with love, I am taking care of myself more, having grace upon me, and taking things one day at a time and I hope the same for you. Here are 3 ways you can celebrate Valentine's day as a single person.

1. Take care of you.

Take yourself to a spa day, pamper yourself by getting a mani/Pedi or facial and sip on some wine sis!

2. Host a Virtual V-Day Party

Now with everything going on, I would host a small gathering with friends and just have some fun.But if you're like me and still staying inside, there are so many virtual games that you can play online. I know we are all tired of zoom but to be honest I love fun zoom events, I just don't like work meetings. See a list of game ideas from a site like here.

3. Go on a Galentine's Date

This year one of my close friends and I have decided to take each other on a date, enjoy each other company, and treat ourselves to a high-end luxury dinner for 2. Go with someone you can have fun with, let your hair down, and eat!

I'm here for it and can't wait to celebrate.Let me know below what are your plans? If you have any other ideas for plans, let me know as well. 

If you need any ideas on what to wear, view my post on What to wear for Valentines Day as well.


Happy Valentines Week!!!

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