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February 07, 2021

What to Wear for Valentine's Day

Hey girl. I don't care what anybody says but anything that celebrates Love I am here for it. I remember idolizing this day but once I turned my heart to Christ I see things in such a different light, I'm amazed by how I've come from a broken marriage to a healed heart. 



Just know when you give God your heart the rest will come. Ladies, if it's anything I know, is clothes and maybe your going on a date with your best friend, your husband, fiance, or even someone you're dating, don't worry bout it sweetheart. Take a moment sis and breath, your style bestie is here to help. Here are 3 options for you.


Wear a Cute Dress


Style this with a banging earring and a cute clutch and call it a day. Click Image for shop-able link.

Wear a Jumpsuit


If you're not comfortable wearing a dress, its OK! Look into a cute jumpsuit that are comfortable, cute, and hot.org. Click Image for shop-able link

If its Cold, Try a Turtleneck Outfit




With the weather being so unpredictable. I love to wear a turtle neck to make sure im cute and comfortable for whatever the weather decides. I like to pull out my cute thick belt and stylish earrings to seal the deal. Click Image for shop-able link

If these were helpful head over to my ig @authenticallyz and let me know. If you need any ideas on what to do on Valentines if you're single, view my post on What to Do for Valentines Day as well.


Happy Valentines Week!!!

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